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We want to provide visitors to our website the best user experience and as much relevant information about the hosted businesses. To achieve this, we have launched our new website Midlandsweddingdirectory.com

We have taken feedback onboard and there are many new features like business reviews, business offers and coupons.

To promote our new website, we are offering our Premium listing package which is normally £69 per year for free! All you need to do, is choose the premium package, enter all your business details and at payment stage add Premium2020 in the coupon box and the listing will be free!



Find wedding venues and suppliers to cater for all your wedding needs..

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Where do you start when planning your big day? We have put together a step by step guide to assist you.


Here at Midlands Wedding Directory,our aim is to provide you with an easy to use website that caters for all your wedding needs.

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Top Tips

  • Start a wedding folder or online document
  • Budget, breakdown the costs per section
  • Choose a date (Peak season normally cost more)
  • Guest list – work out the numbers (Remember, each person has a cost)
  • Reserve the wedding venue and registrar
  • Reserve the reception venue – think about your theme – can the venue provide other facilities like catering.
  • Think about yourself – rings, wedding dress, shoes, makeup, wedding car…
  • Now time for the family, bridesmaids, ushers…
  • Research and reserve – entertainment/DJ/band/dhol – video/photographer – coaches – lightening – favors…
  • Getting the timings right for your big day (reflect this in your invites
  • Choose and print your invites – plan how and when they will be delivered
  • Arrive in style and enjoy Your Wedding!

About Us

Your wedding day should be the most precious and the happiest day of your life. You may have dreamt about having that perfect wedding, where you are wearing a stunning wedding dress, in a beautiful venue with your nearest and dearest by your side.
Everything should be perfect!
In order to achieve this, you can either pay a wedding planner who will charge a fee to make this happen or you spend maybe months, weeks, hours and minutes scrolling through the internet, calling friends or family for recommendations or watching other peoples wedding films so you can find the wedding suppliers you need. 
This is time consuming, can be very frustrating and expensive.
Here at Midlands Wedding Directory, our aim is to provide you with an easy to use website that caters for all your wedding needs.


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We provide a designated webpage which can include a full description of your business, image carousels, photo galleries, videos, contact links, social media links and much, much more. 

Frequently asked questions

Great News! Midlands Wedding Directory have decided not to charge any fees throughout 2019.

You will receive a reminder email towards the end of 2019. The email will have a full list of options and associated costs.

We recommend that as your business grows/evolves, so should the look and content of your web page. if you want to make any changes, use the contact us link with your requested changes and we will look to implement them as soon as possible. NOTE: Currently, we only offer a maximum of one set of changes per month.

As part of the vision for Midlands Wedding Directory, we are looking to to grow the volume of businesses promoting their services. In 2020, we will be offering a select number of businesses the chance to provide their service as part of a package deal through us.

Here at Midlands Wedding Directory, we offer each supplier the chance to have their very own designated web page, where they can promote their product or service through videos, text, image carousels, photo galleries, social media links and we have recently added a rating option on our Contact Us page. We have many plans for 2020 and beyond, which include a package deal and wedding events with a twist. 

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